ChannelFlip Web: Google Reader goodies

Channel Flip Web host iYazThe good guys at ChannelFlip Web asked me to throw out a suggestion for one of their reviews. They hadn’t done Google Reader, so I tossed that one out. Then they proceeded to do a mockery of my Top 5 show. After all I’ve done for them. Well this one thing anyway. But you should watch, it’s pretty hilarious. And informative.

TWiT 203: I’ve got quadraphonics in my van

TWiT LogoI had the distinct honor of being asked to host This Week in Tech in Leo’s absence, and had a great time up at the TWiT Cottage. I was joined by Veronica Belmont, Ryan Block, Robert Llewellyn, Roger Chang and Patrick Norton. A good time was had by all of us, hope you enjoy listening to it.

You can get the episode here.