ExtraLife Radio 206: “There’s Merrit in this episode”

I was just planning on listening to Scott Johnson’s ExtraLife Radio while I played Warcraft last night, but one of his co-hosts had Net troubles and before I knew it I found myself on Skype joining one of my favorite podcasts! We even had a surprise appearance by Veronica Belmont. Well, it was a surprise to here anyway.

You can find the episode here.

Cranky Geeks 136

Had the honor of being on John C. Dvorak and Sebatian Rupley’s wonderful Cranky Geeks round table again along with Chris DiBona, open source program manager at Google. John felt the episode was weird. I think in a good way.

Follow this link to watch the episode

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Phileas Club 6: The world almost ended. Twice.

Was honored to be asked to join Patrick Beja’s Phileas Club podcast this month. I spoke from the US perspective, Patrick from the French and his other guest was Turki from Saudi Arabia. It’s a political podcast so it’s all world events and very little tech. But we did talk about the Large Hadron Collider and I tried my best to explain why it won’t kill us all.

Get the episode here

Scam School 27: Cheesy Beer gags

My wife produces the show Scam School for Revision 3, so I tagged along at one of their shoots and got pulled into some cheesy goodness. Involving beer. And if you watch through to the outtakes, I almost ruined the trick.