TWiT 230: Nerd Bling

This Week in TechMolly Wood and I joined Leo Laporte on his official TWiT broadcast from CES. Dr. Kiki and Digg CEO Jay Adelson also joined in the fun. It was the last thing I did at CES and one of the most fun. I’ve never been on TWiT with Molly before, but Leo’s been on Buzz Out Loud enough, it felt perfectly natural and familiar.

We talked about some of our favorite things we saw at CES, and chatted a bit about hand gloves and foot socks.

Get the episode at this link:

UZER 14: Guests Tom Merritt & Joe Hewitt

Did a guest spot with Mike Giannas and Reece Wissler of the UZER (the ultimate zone for everything relevant) podcast. It was good fun and an interesting conversation. Even better Joe Hewitt the developer from Facebook who quit iPhone app development is the other guest and he’s definitely worth listening to. Listen in!

The Movielicious #14 – Elementary, ain’t it ?

had the distinct pleasure of worming my way onto The Movielicious, a fantastic movie review podcast done by a Frenchman (Patrick Beja), a Brit (Turpster), and an American (Nicole Spagnuolo). Also guesting on this episode is Scott Johnson of FrogPants Studios. My place was to talk about 2012 and defend the hilarious genre of disaster porn. But a member of the panel surprised me by joining my side!

Get the show.

Cranky Geeks 188

Cranky Geeks Logo

Had yet another rollicking good time on Cranky Geeks with John C. and Sebastian plus guest Jason Hiner from Tech Republic. Jason really takes it to Google. I’m not too pleased with Rupert Murdoch’s latest speech. Watch the show at this link.