TWiT’s going to Dragon*Con. Be there with us live!

TWiT’s Brian Brushwood and myself are headed to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, September 3-5, streaming live from one of the biggest SciFi/Fantasy /Geekfests in the world. They’ll be streaming the parade of costumed awesomeness, walking through the hotels talking with cosplayers, and sneaking into parties where nobody should probably bring a camera.

If you’re going to be in Atlanta, be sure to head to our meetup on Saturday night at 6 PM Eastern at the Sundial Restaurant in the Westin Peachtree Hotel.

Coverage begins Saturday morning at 10 AM Eastern/7AM Pacific at Here’s the full schedule

Live on TWiT

Friday September 3
7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific NSFW Show Live – Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young bring their Internet madness and hilarity to Dragon*Con. Expect the unexpected and special surprise guests. (1 Hour)

Saturday September 4
10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific Dragon*con Parade – ever seen 20 wookies walk through the center of a major metropolitan area? Followed by a battalion of Stargate Officers, who are being chased by a dozen Boba Fetts? Well, then you haven’t seen the Dragon*Con parade. (2-3 Hours)

8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific Meetup and Party tour – Tom Merritt gives you a glimpse inside the TWiT meetup at the Sundial Restaurant, then heads out to Brian Brushwood’s magic show. Afterward they’ll sample some of the Dragon*Con nightlife. Geek parties! (2 hours)

Sunday September 5
12:00 PM Eastern/9 AM Pacific Dragon*con tour – Tom and Brian walk through the hotels meeting and chatting with stars and fans alike. You’ll get to hang out at Dragon*Con without ever leaving home. (2 hours)


In addition to the TWiT coverage, I’ll be participating in several panels. Here’s my scheduled appearances:

Friday 9/3 1:00 PM Podcasting Track Kick Off panel Hilton 204
Friday 9/3 2:30 PM Skepticism, Scams and Consumerism panel Hilton 207
Friday 9/3 7:00 PM Writing and Skepticism panel Hilton 207
Sunday 9/5 4:00 PM Sword and laser LIVE – International North Hyatt

And I’ll be recording an interview with the Tech Stuff podcast on Sunday morning.

20 Q’s with Tom Merritt

I had a really good time on Nick’s podcast, 20 Questions. It’s a great idea for an interview show, limiting the scope to 20 questions and soliciting them from the audience. makes for great conversation.

Listen to the episode here.

Geek A Week Challenge #13: Tom Merritt

Len Peralta's Geek a WeekOne of my favorite artists and friends, Len Peralta is doing a podcast and set of online trading cards called Geek a Week. The idea is he has a half hour conversation with someone which becomes the podcast and then he draws a trading card of them based on the conversation. So far he’s done 12 amazing cards including such geek luminaries as Jonathan Coulton, the RiffTrax crew, Veronica Belmont and Morgan Webb among several other amazing geeks.

I’m a little embarrassed to be counted among the stars, but Len saw fit to draw me up for his lucky 13th card. Len says he had a hard time drawing me, but he did an amazing job. It’s a very flattering and handsome depiction. Oh. I see what he means. It looks nothing like me. IN any case, it’s well worth a look and supporting the project if you feel like it.

You can find the card here and the writeup here.

Phileas #25 – Eurovision Love

I love The Phileas Club podcast. Patrick Beja from France and Turki from Saudi Arabia gather people from all parts of the world to discuss the news from their unique perspectives. It’s an excellent way to check your prejudices and get exposed to viewpoints you won’t find anywhere else.

This episode was extra-special for me because I got to be on with my old BOL co-host MOlly Wood. It’s our first podcast appearance since I left CNET. And it was a blast. We talked about the issues with the Euro, the Eurovision singing contest, the World Cup and what it means to South Africa, and more.

Get the episode here.

#30 Negative Cutters – The Boogie Woogie Titans

I had the distinct pleasure of appearing as a guest on Negative Cutters, a frakkin brilliant idea for a podcast. Each episode they review movie trailers. which gives folks a great thing to talk about without making them go see a whole movie. We reviewed a trailer for an indie film called Boogie Woogie and the trailer for Clash of the Titans. Which is epic. Though not everybody on the show agrees with me there.

Get the episode at this link: