20 Questions Tuesday with Scott Ryan-Hart

I had the distinct pleasure of being allowed to do a second round of Scott Ryan-Hart’s amazing 20 questions. Scott conducts the interview in a Google Doc over the course of weeks so you can have a nice flowing conversation about stuff. I really loved doing it the first time and this second round was just as fun.

You can read the piece at Scott’s brand new site.

This Week in Law 231: Taking up Knitting

This Week in LAw logoI love This Week in Law on TWiT. Denise and Evan always do an informative and fun show with great guests. They were nice enough to have me on this Friday with the extraordinarily smart Michael Geist.

Check out the episode here.

Tom’s DragonCon Schedule

Hey all, as has become my Labour Day tradition, I’ll be headed out to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia for lots of geeky podcasty fun. Here’s my schedule if you’re going to be out there. Come track me down!

Friday August 30

1:00 PM – Podcasting Track Kickoff
Hilton – 203

4:00 PM – Producing Tech News Today and other Podcasts
Crystal Ballroom – Hilton

5:30 PM – FSL Tonight Season Finale
Crystal Ballroom – Hilton

8:30 PM – Fictional Writing and Skepticism
Hilton – 204-207

Saturday August 31

2:30 PM – Sword and Laser w/ guest Jim Butcher
Marriott – A601-A602

7:00 PM – Comics Coast to Coast interview about TenState Comic
Hilton – 203

10:00 PM – Quiz-O-Tron 2000
Hilton – 203

Sunday September 1

6:00 PM – Parsec Awards
Hilton Regency V Ballroom

10:00 PM – NSFW Show Live
Hilton – Crystal Ballroom