SXSW: Interview with Dan Patterson

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Dan Patterson at SXSW and talking about the future of all things. Well tech things. Well news, radio, and social media.

You can get the full interview here. Buzz Out Loud on podcasting

We had a chance to sit down with Patrick Thornton from to talk about Buzz Out Loud and how we incorporate the listeners of the show into the show itself. It was great to get a chance for all three of us to talk and reflect on how it is we do what we do. Thanks to Patrick for giving us the chance to chat.

You can read their full article and listen to the interview at this link:

The Phileas Club 10: Usans

I had a fantastic time as usual guesting on The Phileas Club podcast hosted by Patrick Beja. The idea of his podcast is to find people from all parts of the world and get them to share their perspectives on the big news of the day, while also sharing what’s going on in their local region.

Turki from Saudi Arabia is a regular on the show and an invaluable peek into what’s going on there. We were also lucky enough to get Julio, an engineer from the European Space Agency, who is Argentinian, lives in the Netherlands and works in space. You gotta listen.

YOu can find the episode at this link:

The Instance #137 – Come On Down!

Had a fantastic time guest-hosting on one of my favorite podcasts yesterday. The Instance with Randy Jordan and Scott Johnson is a World of Warcraft podcast. The only thing that sucks about being on it is that I love to listen to it, and now I already have. But that shouldn’t cheat you. We talk about some wide-ranging tech stuff actually inclusing the eco-system for independent modders.

Listen to the episode at this link:

TWiT 178: Call Of Doody

TWiT LogoHad the pleasure of being on This Week in Tech with all the people seen int he TWiT logo! Well all of them until Patrick had to leave to change a diaper….. and never returned!

You can listen to the episode at TWiT.TV here.