One Response to “It’s A Thing- s02e02 – Ramen gods”

  1. Keiichi Hoshi

    Hi Molly and Tom,

    I discovered this podcast today. I just listened to s01e01 and s02e02, and it’s already my favorite podcast! It’s so nice to hear you two together again. I missed it SOOOO much…

    Molly, Ramen Underground has a second store now in Japan town. It’s 5x bigger and has everything the downtown store has (and more). You don’t have to line up 30 min for the tomato ramen anymore.

    I also wanted to recommend a couple of relatively new ramen restaurants in the Bay Area.

    1. Ramen Parlor in San Mateo – their shoyu ramen with lobster oil is a killer! The soup itself isn’t seafood based, but the combination of the soup and lobster flavor is a delish!

    2. Kotetsu in Santa Clara – the best ramen in the South Bay is probably Orenchi, but there’s a huge line everyday… If you don’t want to wait in line, this new restaurant Kotetsu is almost as good as Orenchi in my opinion.

    3. Kaminari in San Francisco (Balboa and 7th) – this is actually a Thai restaurant owned by Japanese, but they have the old-fashioned Tokyo ramen. It’s not as fancy or unique as some other ramen, but this is THE ramen that I used to eat in Japan when I was a kid…like 40 years ago… If you want to know the origin of ramen, this is the one to try!

    Love your show,