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Microsoft Includes Ads in AI Bing -DTH

Microsoft is experimenting with placing ads in its chatbot responses, Apple kicks the mixed reality headset launch down the road a few months and why you should uninstall 3CX phone […]

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Woolly Meatballs Are Not for Dinner (Yet) – DTNS 4487

Is Lemon8 a template for ByteDance’s way forward if TikTok is banned in the US? After Ubisoft announced it wouldn’t be attending this year’s E3 and with Sega and Tencent […]

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Picard (306) – It’s Spoilerin’ Time 449

Next week: Succession (402), Ted Lasso (303), Picard (307) Email the show at [email protected], get expanded show notes, and past episodes at Support Cordkillers at If we get […]

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