CGC 108: Why CGI Cant Do Everything…Yet

CGC 108: Why CGI Cant Do Everything…Yet. Mo-cap, CG, big stuff, subtle stuff…it’s all amazing, but will we ever get to a place where CGI just simply does it all? Maybe. Tune in and see if we get closer to that answer!

CGC 106: Before E Was For Everyone

Before E Was For Everyone. Remember the early 90’s and a little game called Mortal Kombat? Well, it sorta changed the video game world forever, and created a whole new stir among parents, gamers, and the government! We tackle that time and see what we can suss out of it, and look at what has actually changed!

CGC 104: Zoom And Enhance!

Why is Zoom and Enhance a thing, and where did it come from? Have we EVER been able to do it? Are we able to do it now? The answers my surprise you!

CGC 103: The Theramin Is For Chumps

The Theramin Is For Chumps. Some cool and weird techno instruments that are not the Theramin. Why are we so into alternative instruments, and why are they important? Tom and Scott explore!