I’ll be teaming up with Scott Johnson starting in January

Hey all, I’m far from done planning what I’m going to do next, but I’m really excited to let you in on one project. Scott Johnson and I always love teaming up to talk, and yesterday we had a great conversation about an idea for a new show that both of us have had independently. So this was an easy one to agree to do.
We don’t even have a name or anything, but here’s what we agreed on so far:

The show is currently planned as weekly.
The structure and content of the show is still being hammered out, but expect lots of what we do best. (Tech, pop culture, etc. in the mix.) (Vague? Yes. We’ll keep you informed.)

Scott and I will host it. (duh)

Every week we will have LOTS of fellow Frogpants personalities and other prominent friends and guests join us. So will you with live calls, and live participation.

The show will be recorded live via both video and audio streams, AND distributed via MP3 via the normal podcasting methods.

Scott’s got the official announcement over on the Frogpants site if you want to read a bit more about it.

26 Responses to “I’ll be teaming up with Scott Johnson starting in January”

  1. SHOCKED!!!! Well as in any organization there are “behind the scenes” actions which take place and I suspect this is the case here (my speculation). Will miss the GREAT news coverage and interactions from you and the rest of TNT. I thought it would last until TWiT was no longer – really! But will have to find you where ever you go so I can stay informed and have my mind challenged with your thought provoking and informative style. I know you will prevail and it is Leo’s loss! Thanks for the great work!

    A “silent fan”

  2. Really sorry to hear you go from TNT. You really solidified and kept the show moving. Trust me, I’ll be following you where ever you go. I’ll subscribe to the RSS. I do follow on G+ so please update there as well. Good Luck man! I’m with ya.

  3. Joe Neels

    Tom, Very best of luck to you. I’m older than you (55), and I’ve had a few unplanned job changes in my life. It’s a weird psychodynamic. Half of you is scared shitless but the other half is super stoked because you feel like you have no restraints on you for the future. Please realize the advantage this situation gives you to act upon your ideas and dreams that were previously screened and stifled by others who would have ultimately been the benefactors anyway. It’s your time, use it wisely or foolishly, whichever you choose. there is an old saying. You’ll never get to second if you don’t take your foot off of first. Guess what? Someone just pushed you off. Take Care, Joe Neels

  4. Chris Schlieter


    An advantage podcasting has over other media is I can follow you anywhere you go, this is the one true bit of good news about your transition. I followed you from BOL and will look forward to the next iteration.

    You are a true professional, best of luck to you.

  5. +1 many of the comments above!
    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you on TNT and will follow and support your projects, wherever they take you!
    You are a VERY talented person – greater things lie ahead!

    I want to add that you were the consummate professional on the Friday show – that is some heavy news to talk about, and you did so with such grace & class. KUDOS to you Tom.

    Peace –

  6. I realized I have slowly been dropping TWIT shows, mostly because around the time of the move to the new studio they increasingly became TV shows to be consumed live from what they started as, and I want, a producer of fine audio podcasts, not streamed public access quality video. I am down to 4 shows, 2 Tom and 2 Leo. The Tom shows are much more audio friendly and when they are no more I will be back down to the first 2 podcasts I ever subscribed to (MacBreak, hanging on by a thread, and TWIT). I will be dropping TNT, I was watching for Tom and then later Ayaz. I fear it will become a much softer show.

    Anyway, I think I understand where Leo might have been coming from but don’t like the direction he has been going and certainly do want to go to where he is going. Tom, I will follow where you go. I guess in the end I was right, you moving to LA has lead to me dropping TNT just not for the reason I had imagined.

  7. Steve Garbaciak

    Tom I am a big fan and wish you all the best of luck as you move forward. I am also an Illinois grad and even did a few shifts on WDBS (never made it on air with WPGU). I found you through Leo and Patrick and the old Screen Savers/Tech TV and have followed you along your other stops. You are an excellent podcaster and I enjoy your work wherever I find it. Getting back together with Scott is a great news, as I still miss Current Geek and Fourcast very much! I hope you can find a way to also continue working with Brian as Frame Rate is a terrific show. Keep up the good work!

  8. I love Tom and I love Scott but what bothers me about FrogPants is that there’s no video version. They really need to take the leap into video. Scott does it for shows he joins – why can’t he just record video for his own shows??

  9. Very sorry to hear that you are leaving Tom – like a lot of people i thought I would be seeing you on the Twit network for a long, long time. As someone else said, it is Leo’s loss for sure. I think he will be regretting it soon as you are a great on-air personality. I have always appreciated the fact that you don’t seem to put an extra dose of “ego” into your viewpoints – it comes across as a learned person’s opinion and not about trying to be the smartest person in the room. Going to miss you but also looking forward to seeing what you do next!