TWiT and Conversations

As of December 31 I will no longer be an employee of TWiT. Leo decided that he needs “an in-studio anchor for Tech News Today, and a News Director who can help us build the kind of organization you can count on for authoritative tech news and information.”

Mike Elgan has been hired to become the lead anchor of Tech News Today and TWiT’s first official News Director. It’s a great call. Mike’s a smart guy. I congratulate him and wish him the best of luck.

You can read more about it at

I agreed, as did Leo and Lisa, not to say much more about it to try to avoid a “he said she said” situation. That’s not helpful for anyone.

To clarify a couple questions:

I found out Tuesday and agreed to keep it confidential until Thursday.

Thursday evening Leo very kindly changed his mind about Frame Rate but I politely declined.

Now for more positive news!

I spent all day Friday on the phone and while I have nothing nailed down quite yet, some good stuff is brewing.

I’m also gobsmacked by the outpouring of affection on Twitter and in the chat room. I cannot thank the audience enough. TNT has the smartest audience in the world and now I can say quite truthfully the most supportive too. Thank you.

I’ll be doing a Google Hangout on Monday evening to brainstorm ideas with anybody who’s interested. Look for details here and on Twitter.


Thus Kent, O princes, bids you all adieu;
He’ll shape his old course in a country new.

127 Responses to “TWiT and Conversations”

  1. I found Leo on OTA radio late one night in ~2009 on one of my long drives across the Midwest. Not long after, I bought an iPhone 3G and slowly starting subscribing to all audio version Twit shows. But in the end I found myself listening to only one. TNT had just the right amount wide ranging tech news in the perfect timeframe. Rather than a news show, you guys made me feel like I was sitting around the table talking tech with friends and found myself literally LOL many times throughout your show. Everyone that I introduced to your show liked it and became regular listeners as well. You’re truly a great broadcaster and your team simply clicked which is something you can’t just make happen.

  2. Leo is an aging, narcissistic Twit; they’re slowly morphing into an old media style company anyway. The more money they make, the more apparent it becomes. But, I digress..

    Wishing you all the best, Tom. I followed you to DTNS because your insightful, intelligent and balanced commentary is unmatched by anyone else. Keep up the great work.

  3. James from London

    Oh No, disaster! I can’t believe you’ve left TNT! You set that up. It’s your show. If you leave the show Tom surely it should just end. It feels weird watching this other guy trying to host it.

    I don’t know how I missed the announcement. I watch/listen everyday but somehow managed to miss the warning.

    First thought you were playing ansd early April Fools joke on us, or you were just on holiday. But started investigating second week into Jan, and I can’t believe it. You had even built your professional looking studio back drop at your new house in LA.

    Very sad to see you go but really looking forward to seeing what you do next. You’re a really smart, interesting guy and I always love listening to you insights into the daily tech news.

    Best of luck setting up your next venture!

    Long time listener


  4. Hello Tom,
    I have been following you and your show since your cnet days. I found out about twit from you and became the regular listener of TNT. Please notify us about your future endeavor via. Twitter. You’re an awesome host.
    As for the new guy, he sounds so boring that I could fall asleep. I don’t think the new TNT will have same charm as Tom’s TNT.

  5. Over the years i have had the highest regard for Leo and his decision making. However i feel this is a mistake. Do i have it wrong that you were given a one day notice before the last show??? No parting Twit House party is a bit of a mystery to me as well. What is going to happen with all the other Skyped in show host. This is the end of Tech News Today as we know it. I feel that there is a lot here that is not being told and perhaps just needs to be left alone. As time marches on i`m sure i will be distancing myself from the Twit Network as others will as well. One of the things on my bucket list was to someday stop by the Twit House but i see that fading now. I could go on but i won`t. Tom you are a very bright and creative broadcaster you will find a new home. I hope to meet you someday in person.
    Best Regards

  6. I was out on vacation for a while and when I came back I assumed that Tom was on vacation, since he wasn’t on the show anymore. That being said, while the current hosts do a good job with TNT, I am a Buzz Out Loud fan and came to TNT after BOL dissolved because of Tom. So I will be moving to DTNS, since there’s only this much time and can only listen to the tech news once.
    OK, feed list updated, see you on the other side

  7. Hey Tom. Just have to say, I’ve tried to give Mike E. a chance…but the entire pace to TNT is off and seems very old media. And Tech News 2Night is a train wreck. Wishing you were still on the network. But I have to say – Love Cordkillers. Keep up the continued great work.

  8. Dave heard

    The new guy is AWFUL! What was Leo thinking! And it’s VERY obvious Sarah is not too happy

    I can’t see me staying with TNT much longer – it’s painful to watch now

  9. With prepping for the holidays and being sick twice in January, I have missed a lot of TWiT things, but I had just noticed in watching a few podcasts that you were missing with your updates or even any mention of your name. Since I had to cut back on watching podcasts over the holidays and trying to catch up I see that you are gone from TWiT. I have no idea why Leo decided that you weren’t right for what you were doing or what he needed. He was wrong.

    I was shocked when you left CNET to go to TWiT, and I was impressed that Leo had snatched you away. Adding you was a major upgrade for TWiT. For whatever Mike Elgan has accomplished in the past, I am not that fond of his analysis of tech news or trends. I find that Mike pushes some weird points and pushes them to the point of controversy (minor controversy, no viral twerking) where no controversy exists. I am not impressed with him. When he has been on past shows I have not come away with the feeling that I have enjoyed his participation in the episodes I have watched. I haven’t disliked him, but when he had been on the various shows I thought, darn, I guess nobody better was available.

    I’m very impressed that you completed your time at TWiT in a professional manner, and I am even more impressed with how you have conducted yourself afterward — willing to leave Leo on a Christmas card list? though you don’t have one :). At least publicly you have strived to keep the bridges intact when most others might have set them on fire. That really is impressive.

    I’m sorry to say that I just now found your blog (not sure why I didn’t think of finding one sooner) and will continue to follow your tech news and commentary.

  10. Wow. The new guy on TNT is dry, dry, dry. Sarah and Jason introduce themselves for more disengaged and the show itself reminds me more of a college station TV show. Sarah and Mike look like they’re setup for Meet the Press. I too jumped ship from BOL to TNT because of the energy. You can’t have this new guy hosting a show titled, “Dude, Where’s my iBeacon?” Not genuine at all.

    Tom, You are the man.

  11. Catherine

    I just found out. First, I fired up the Roku to catch a TNT marathon, but the new TwiT channel version had serious lag that I had to keep aborting. Second, when I realized there was no more Tom Merritt, the new anchor is as stiff as a board and the coanchors are still phoning it in (literally)… I immediately did a FACEPALM and a Google search.

    Admittedly, I’m excited about the new Coding 101 (dude has a great voice, but he strains to keep it energized that it begins to drone) but it’s the only thing I might come back for from time to time… if he can calm down and speak with a normal, varied cadence. That, and maybe an occasional Know How a la carte viewing.

    Otherwise, TNT, the flagship show of my choice has me no longer excited about TwiT. Real bummer.

  12. I have been a TNT listener for some time now. Suddenly when the change occurred, something was missing…Tom! I have tried to listen to TNT but it does not seem to have the same energy Tom brings. I have switched over to his new show Daily Tech News Show. I like the energy and its ramping up nicely. Great work! Support Tom and his ventures! And thank you Tom for making a new show feel like you are hanging out with good friends talking tech.

  13. Balbino V

    I have been watching TNT since its inception, and really like the chemistry of Tom, Sarah & Iyaz with a bit of Jason in the mix. I am sad to see the band break. I know It will never be the same, but at least I can still Listen to Tom on his new show (DTNS), which is doing a great job at keeping the energy of the old TNT. I am giving Mike (Elgan) the benefit of the doubt on TNT, but now without Sarah there, I am thinking on Jumping ship for good.

    I hope Sarah eventually joins Tom on DTNS, and we can have Iyas as a weekly guess….. and, and…. o well one can dream.

    Good luck Tom.

  14. Hi Tom,
    This was a shocker. I had not listened to TWIT since the end of November because of work and travel. I get back on the band wagon. The first show I start is TNT and you are not there. Second, Mike Elgan more suites as a guest on TWIT on Sunday. I did give it a fair shot of listening to the shows in January. Eeeeaaah, No. Nothing against Mike Elgan. I follow him to and he brings value to TWIT on Sunday whenever he is on with Leo but hosting the TNT show……Not so much. It actually made it fun to listen to news and stay in touch with the latest tech news listening to you. In the past I have tried to listen to quite a few tech news show podcasts to find the best one and I got stuck on to your TNT. The chemistry between you, Iyaz, Sarah and Jason is also important I think here.
    Well, what’s done is done. I see you have a new show on Google Plus and I definitely will listen to that.

    I wish you good luck and hope you prosper and reach all your goals. I was also sad when Eileen stopped doing the All about Android show. But I’ll be honest. I am also a big fan of Gina and they are rocking that show. But I seriously did not expect to not be able hear the four of you going at it in the Tech News world.

    I am sure you will bring the world some amazing new projects and keep on doing the good that you have always done.


  15. I’ve tried to watch the new TNT since you left and while Mike Elgan seems like a nice and knowledgeable guy, he’s just got a loooooooong way to go as a live video host. He just looks uncomfortable with the medium and I really miss the casual, funny informed banter that used to be a staple of the show. Now with Sarah gone, TNT is downright painful to watch.

    So Tom! I’m now listening to your Daily Tech Show News but I miss your mug! When are you going back to video my friend!?

  16. Just learned why you are no longer on TNT and twit. I look forward to listening to your new show now that I know where to find you. You are a very engaging host- as others have mentioned you were the glue at BOL and then at TNT. I don’t think Mike E. is horrible on TNT but just does not hold me as a listener/viewer. Shows how difficult it is to host rather than to appear as a guest.

  17. Robert Lanza


    I haven’t been listening or watching TNT for about 2 months, just haven’t had the time and was under the weather. Then only to realize that Tom was no longer on TNT.

    So I’m a little late here.

    I started back to watching and listening to the podcast the other day and found Mike Elgen in Tom’s seat.

    I watched a few shows with Mike, the first one he had Sara on it. The other shows she was not. Not sure if she’s gone too. Don’t care that much. I came to like her but not in love with her.

    I gotta say Mike has brought the tempo of the show to a cruising halt. He has a voice that my father always blamed me for having. I never umderstood what he meant until I listened to Mike. My father used the words: you are monotone and its putting me to sleep.

    I understand that Mike comes from old school news. So maybe he was trained by Walter Cronkite?

    Anyway, just discovered Tom on DTNS. Wow!

    Its great to have Tom Merritt back with most of the shows upbeat feel again!

    Good Luck!


  18. Thanks Tom for a great show .. Can’t seem to get hooked onto twit anymore .. Keep us updated with all the great things you’ve got lined up #neilgore

  19. I just can’t enjoy listening to TNT anymore, im sorry to say…. nothing against the new guy but the show is just boring. The chemistry between Tom, Ias (sorry dont know how to spell his name) and Sarah was near perfect imho.

  20. After about 6 months long hiatus, I am now watching today’s incarnation of TNT on my Roku and when I see this old (don;t get me wrong I am older than him probably at almost 51) guy yammering with a monotonous voice with a bobble headed red-head from PC magazine, or some place like that and I think this is the absolute last time. It is like watching a train wreck. You know what kind of an end it will have but couldn’t help but watching it anyways.

    I will give your and Iyaz’ new ventures a close look soon. I am hoping they will be what I hope them to be.

    Best of luck.