DTNS 2678 – You Must Construct Additional Pylons

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comThis weekend was the first competition to build Hyperloop pods. Could we really travel by high-speed vacuum tube someday? Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt discuss.


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2 Responses to “DTNS 2678 – You Must Construct Additional Pylons”

  1. Alan Gramont

    Hey Tom,

    I was listening to this show and you went off on a small rant about silos in response to Google projecting to make their own hardware for Nexus devices. However, I believe you are a perennial user of the iPhone, which is completely a silo experience. My question back is why do you use the iPhone?

    I believe people would answer that they use it for “the experience” and “it just works” vs. the more ad hoc experience you get on most Android devices. I would think the typical user wants to get a new phone that basically works exactly like their own phone with an easy way to migrate apps and content. Right now there isn’t a good way to migrate content and apps when you buy a new Android phone. Also, every phone maker strives to make themselves different which in turn makes upgrading that much harder because the experience can be very different on each Android phone. Android phone makers like to think this gives them brand loyalty, but in my experience this makes users just use iPhones instead.

    Imagine an Android phone that acted just like an iPhone, the same experience with hardware and software but just upgraded each time you changed phones with a clear easy way to move your data without carriers getting in the way.

    Side note, when my current batch of phones (three iPhone 6+ but soon four with an additional family member) get old, I’m seriously considering upgrading to a Nexus device for the family simply to save money. iPhones with a 5.5 inch screen at 64gig storage are $850 while a very similar Nexus 6P is $550. So buying four of these is a difference of $1200. That is seriously a lot of money for “the experience.”

    Thanks for the show!

  2. I prefer web browsers to apps. I prefer interoperability and choice to siloed service that don’t interoperate.

    It’s actually awesome moving to a new Android device to be honest. I went from a cold start to a Nexus 5 with just the apps from my Nexus 9 tablet and it worked great! BUT I had to do some work to get all the apps I wanted fro a phone on. That’s where the silo was a problem.

    Switching BETWEEN Oss is a different sotry. My wife recently switched from a NOte to an iPhone and the switching software was ok but far from perfect. It’s those silos that I find annoying. What happens is they want to keep you in their universe. I don’t like that.

    And it’s not just phones. I’m talking about tablets and laptops too. My ideal is that all our favorite apps/services/data are available on every device no matter what brand it is or what OS it runs. Silos get in the way of that.

    Thanks for the comments!