DTNS 2582 – Clock Blocked

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comWhat Apple giveth, Apple taketh away and what Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson think of the Texas high schooler’s controversial clock and what it means for tech education.


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One Response to “DTNS 2582 – Clock Blocked”

  1. Charles Caine

    On your show you say a few things about Ahmed and his clock that are untrue. First Ahmed did not invent a clock. He bought a digital clock, took the plastic off and put it in a pencil case. If Lumia did that to an Apple phone, we would call it Intellectual property theft. Second it did look like a bomb. The first thing a military friend of mine said we he looked at a photo of the “invention” was, “That looks like an IED.” Third you keep saying something like, “Oh I’m not saying the teacher, principal, and all those cops are racist but his religion and skin color might have something to do with it.” I think you said that about 3-5 times. Enough times to let your listeners know that you think it was racism.
    It is starting to look like this was a set up to get media attention. Ahmed admits that his “invention” looked suspicious. If his science teacher told him not to show it around why did he plug it up in English class so it would start making noises? When he was asked why he brought his “invention” to school why was he evasive? If the people running the school are racist why did he send his son there after Ahmed sister was sent home for allegations of a bomb threat. Why was Eyman, the sister, heard to coach Ahmed on what to say on a phone conversation with Marc Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks?
    You suggested he get to host a science fair since he got mistreated for taking the inside of a digital clock out and putting it in a pencil case. Seems Ahmed and his “invention” was the bell of the ball at the Google’s science fair. I was I had thought of taking a clock and putting it in a pencil box so more people paid attention to me instead of that “stupid” girl. I mean all she did is invent an easier way to detect Ebola! She didn’t even rip-off someone else’s invention to do it.
    It seems to me that you owe all those people you tried hard not to call racist, while kinda calling them racist, an apology. It would be good of you to do it on your next podcast of DTNS.

    Charles W. Caine