CNET Live: guests Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose

Thursday’s CNET Live featured the very gracious Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose from Diggnation, who hearkened back to their Screen Savers days and took some live calls. It was fun having them on and very cool of them to hang around and answer calls.Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose on CNET Live

One Response to “CNET Live: guests Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose”

  1. techflip

    OK. Great. I love your new Blog. Comments are working now. Thank you for all of your help. I loved this episode of Live, I recently started watching the Diggnation podcast. I did not have time to watch anymore before, but seeings how shool is not in session, I have alot of time on my hands. You drinking RoJo Grande (or whatever), while they got the beers was hysterical! Love the new blog. Blaze.