CNET How-to: Use iPhone on Verizon

5 Responses to “CNET How-to: Use iPhone on Verizon”

  1. Tom,
    Since the Iphone launched I’ve waited patiently for Apple to offer the iPhone on Verizon, but when the new Mifi came out I tried using my iPod Touch as surrogate iPhone. To your credit it is possible to use the iPod Touch, on the VZ network, but the VoIP, text, MMS, email, and other social apps work unbearable slow. Compared to wifi, it just pains me to use it, not to mention when other devices piggy pack on the Mifi.

    Needless to say I’ve returned the Mifi and the 5GB service plan. I just don’t think its worth it, when Canada is getting faster service! Will ATT just suck it up and upgrade their equipment or VZ just take over the Iphone.

  2. I’ve had the opposite reaction. The MiFi’s connection is actually better in my place in Oakland, CA than the WiFi off my router (which the iPhone can’t even connect to half the time). And out and about I get much much better service than the ATT 3G.

    It’s not surprising that Verizon sucks in other areas of the country. Maybe the Sprint one would work better where you are? In any case, thanks for the feedback. And if you get a chance, let us know where you are.