#461 – CheckItOut!

Taika Waititi is adapting a fantasy novel and also looked quite fine at the Met. Plus, self-publishing award winners, Locus nominees, and we have a progressive story in the works!

#460 – Thimble’s Kitchen

We wrap up Legends and Lattes and have a great idea for a sequel involving Thimble doing a cooking show. Plus, we’re getting a Twilight TV series? We’ll make our best guesses about that too. Finally, Veronica’s thoughts on spotted dick.

#457 – Timecozy

The March Madness semifinals are here! And the race is TIGHT. Our first (non-spoiler) thoughts about Under Fortunate Stars by Ren Hutchings. Nomination lists are out for Nebulas and Bradbury’s, and nomming has begun for the Hugos (hint hint). Plus why everybody ate lasagna after our last episode!

#456 – The Clarkesworld Flood

Our “March that is Mad” tournament is live! 15 books enter, one gets to be the April pick, and everyone wins! Plus, please stop flooding Clarkesworld with AI-written manuscripts. Use ChatGPT for good! Also, we kick off our March read and wrap up our thoughts on Nettle & Bone.