#422 – Horror is Like Cheese

Veronica and Tom discover why horror is like cheese. Plus the reason a German book is being made into an English TV show by Germans. And our spoilery final thoughts on NOS4A2 by Joe Hill!

#421 – N0T4U2?

Some things aren’t for everybody, like our current read NOS4A2, or the new Game of Thrones trailer. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other great things to read like the British Fantasy Award winners and more!

#420 – Spoopy Spoilers

Lots of award winners to beef up your To Be Read lists, plus our assumptions about Murderbot, what makes a spoiler a spoiler, and we wrap up our final thoughts on Terra Nullius.

#419 – Trust me, It’s SciFi

Tom and Veronica are jealous of those with Leviathan Falls ARCs, and wonder if a phobia ever affected your book enjoyment! Plus we kick-off Terra Nullius, and Tom reassures us that it IS SciFi.

#417 – Bong!

We’ve got Dragon Award finalists, a Kickstarter roundup for small publishers, and Tom buys new bookends. Plus, our non-spoiler thoughts on The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry.

#416 – Does The Droid Die Dot Com

Poet Andrew Heaton joins us to wrap up our thoughts on Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks. Plus, the greatest zombie film in the world and totally metal T-shirts to show your support of Octavia Butler and other awesome authors.

#415 – DisCon is not for Disco

DisCon is not for Disco but it could be? Why Veronica and Tom aren’t idiots. All the summer reading list fodder your list can take. Who was your first binge? And is hard Sci-Fi cold by nature?