#482 – Let’s Talk About Seax, Baby

We’ve opened nominations for Mad Marchness!, our March tournament of book picks. Plus, the failure of the Hugos and the rise of Romantasy. And we begin our first impressions of Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne.

#481 – Big Trouble in Little Worldcon

Surprise, there’s a problem with hosting the Hugos in China. Plus: Keanu Reeves is co-writing with China Mieville, we kick off our February read, The Shadow of the Gods. And our spoilery thoughts on The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes.

#480 – What You Can Do With Mickey Mouse

Alternatives to Goodreads, and one of them is Amazon. Which owns Goodreads. What you can and can’t do with Mickey Mouse. The “Who should play Murderbot” discussion continues. Typical human and augmented human stuff! Plus why Veronica should read this month’s book pick.

#477 – I Said What I Said, She Said

Veronica now knows how to catch up on Old Man’s War. Should good books not be SciFi? Is “they said” saying too much? He “sucked his teeth” is not enough! We kick off Kings of the Wyld and wrap up Mimicking of Known Successes.

#475 – Father Knows Best

Awards season is here! We’re celebrating deserving winners and discussing potential TV and movie adaptations of our favorite books. This November, we’re diving into a novel about trains on Jupiter and concluding our October discussion on Father’s “5D chess.”

#473 – Dewey Decimated

Veronica’s state of K-wires, the most highly-rated books in the world, we kick off our read of The Library of Mount Char, and wrap up China Mountain Zhang.