Briefly What I thought of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This will not have spoilers. However it will tell you what I feel about the movie. You have been cautioned.

The Last Jedi is a fun movie. It has epic moments.

It also has some weird things. But overall the weird is outweighed by the awesome.

It is well-paced. There is a lot more that is new than there was in Force Awakens and yet it has well-executed nods to the previous story.

Is it the best Star Wars yet? Arguably not. Depending on who you are you can make solid arguments that Empire or Even Force Awakens are better for various reasons. But this is a solid entry in the top 3 if not at the top of all the Star Wars movies made to date.

I had a great time. My expectations were often subverted. Characters were put in impossible situations and yet prevailed (very much like A New Hope in that way). And in the end I felt bonded more to the characters old and new.

If there is a criticism it might be too light-hearted at times. I’m also critical of the answers to some big questions we did and did not get. But that’s for a spoilery conversation.

Overall I enjoyed it thoroughly and felt it was: Amazing.

2 Responses to “Briefly What I thought of Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

  1. Thanks for the brief thoughts, Tom! I grew up a child of Star Wars and was fortunate enough to work on the film. I was scared-to-death that it would stink and so glad to say I too had many moments of “amazing” while watching it.