Before You Buy: ZaReason UltraLap 430 review

Here’s a somewhat lengthy look at my new laptop that runs Ubuntu.

10 Responses to “Before You Buy: ZaReason UltraLap 430 review”

  1. I like ZaReason although the company has some major issues they need to deal with. The non-free bits the company is dependent on cause major problems for customers that they aren’t resolving. They can’t cause they are dependent on others who fail to release the source code. I’ve had two laptops now that have stopped working because of such issues. Certain pieces on this one (in the review above) never worked in the first place and I know from past experience they won’t or can’t fix it. When the reviewer said they are working on a fix be wary of that. They just use that line to get rid of you. It won’t actually get fixed- ever.

  2. Jared, it’s hard to take you seriously. You start off saying you like ZaReason, but then you claim they lie to you to get rid of you. Who likes a company that would do that? I own two ZaReason machines and have no “major problems” caused by bits either free or non-free. The fix the reviewer said they were working on was for a very minor issue that certainly did not make the machine unusable. Your comment includes no specifics as to what exactly stopped working or never worked on the machines you say you had. Perhaps you are telling the truth, but it doesn’t sound like it. Count me as a satisfied customer who appreciates the ability to buy quality, USA made and supported systems with my choice of Linux version preinstalled.

  3. OK,

    I guess you don’t know how to use a search engine because ZaReason has lots of problems. A quick Google turned up:

    If you want to contribute to free software I’d suggest a donation to the FSF because ZaReason DOES NOT support free software like they claim. They use to say they would support Trisquel and now they don’t.

    2nd they post fake reviews!!!!! If you look at the dates of a number of postings you’ll see they are mere minutes apart.

  4. Hubert Samm

    Have it, not all that excited about it… it’s a laptop, it’s light.. but… I HATE HATE HATE the clicker bar for the touchpad… would I buy it again??? probably not…

  5. Peter Hrušecký

    Don’t buy!!! Plastic chassis with poor quality. Volume keys not working. Ubuntu sticker on the windows key. WiFi after return from suspend mode is disabled… Adapter for U.S. plugs (although I ordered in GB) and more fails…

    Zareason Sucks!

  6. Don’t buy. I bought a laptop and the battery didn’t charge at all. They gave me the offer of paying for shipping or bringing it into them to be fixed. I did and they gave it back to me with a fresh battery. It didn’t charge either. I emailed them and they said “please pay to ship your computer to us and we will fix it”. Horrible, I basically spent 800 dollars for a non-portable computer. If you so much as nudge the plug it turns off. I feel really ripped off.