Joined CNBC’s “On the Money” to talk about MySpace

CNBC had me on “On The Money” tonight to discuss MySpace removing 29,000 registered sex offenders form their rolls. I was on with the Attorney General from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal. In response to my assertion that age verification isn’t perfect and can be bypassed, Mr. Blumenthal informed us all the age verification is routine on the Internet. I didn’t get a chance to ask him for examples.

My segment was on about 7:20 PM Eastern time. Haven’t seen it on the Web yet and didn’t record it myself, so no clip yet.

Talking iPhone on MarketWatch

Did an interview yesterday with the Marketwatch folks about the ‘disappointing’ sales of the iPhone. I call it the ‘iPhone hangover’ but basically we talked about people got overhyped, and now they’re predictably underwhelmed.

Listen to the segment here for as long as they have it up.