What Happened to the DTNS Video podcast?

The DTNS video feed is not actually run by us, it’s been maintained by a volunteer fan Shawn Wei for it’s entire life which has been most fo the time since we launched in 2014. In all that time Shawn has done an amazing job keeping the feed up and running.

Tuesday we noticed that the feed was not updating and I mentioned it to Shawn on Twitter who promised to look into it. I followed up with him in an email yesterday. Shawn has a day job that was keeping him from getting right on it but he said it was an error in the script that creates the feed and he would get it fixed.

Our apologies for those of you who rely on this feed for the video version of the podcast. I’ve contacted Shawn again this morning and raised the idea of transferring the feed over to us so we can help fix things like this.

Shawn has been amazing and it’s to his credit that most of you haven’t even noticed this was a fan-run feed for so many years.

Apologies again for the disruption.