We’re going Video on the TWiT network

No more doing FourCast pantsless anymore… or at least not shirtless, as we’re moving to the TWiT network, tonight!! That means live streaming FourCast

Don’t worry this feed will still work for audio and you’ll still get one episode a week of predictive awesome. But we will return to different guests every episode rather than broken up over three weeks, and we will also be adding a video feed as well.

Our regular time will be Mondays at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific.  This week we’re doign Tuesday because of the holiday weekend.  So try not to get confused.

Watch us live at live.twit.tv.

One Response to “We’re going Video on the TWiT network”

  1. HateBadDesign

    Well, in fairness, they only show the top of the hosts – we don’t know if you wear pants or not!

    (Though we are trying to exorcise the image *g*)