Today in Tech History – Sep. 24, 2014

20140404-073853.jpg1979 – CompuServe began offering a consumer version of its dial-up online information service called MicroNET. The name would later be changed to CompuServe and offer public email among other online services.

In 1993 – Broderbund Software released the game Myst, for the Macintosh computer. It became a record-setting bestseller and helped popularize CD-ROM drives.

In 1997 – Ultima Online launched, revolutionizing online gaming by supporting thousands of simultaneous players in a persistent shared world.

In 2013 – Valve announced their new Steam OS, a free version of Linux built around the Steam video game service.


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  1. Jack Dennahower

    Hi Tom. I just discovered your new show (well, new to me). Good to hear your dulcet tones again,

    In response to your comment on the layers of salami you lay on the internets…better that than bologna ;-).

    Keep up the good work, lad.