Today in Tech History – Jan. 12, 2015

20140404-073853.jpgIn 1908 – Lee de Forest, an engineer and scientist, broadcast a phonograph record show from the Eiffel Tower for an audience of less than 50 people. The show was also heard over 500 miles from the tower, becoming the first long-distance radio message transmission.

In 1964 – Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He would grow up to study computer science at Princeton, and set the standard for online shopping with his company,

In 2005 – Deep Impact launched from Cape Canaveral on a Delta 2 rocket, headed to an impact with comet 9P/Tempel.


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2 Responses to “Today in Tech History – Jan. 12, 2015”

  1. Mike Scott

    Tom, de Forest was born in Iowa and was an American citizen all his life. He has sometimes been called a “scoundrel”, in re: his litigiousness. Ken Burns ‘Empire of the Air’ includes one of the best bios of the fascinating de Forest.