The Return of Current Geek!


My first new show of 2014 has a name. And it is Current Geek.

In 2009 Scott Johnson and I, looking for an excuse to podcast together started a three times a week show talking about stuff that geeks liked but wasn’t tech so it wouldn’t conflict with my day job at CNET. Then while looking for an excuse to do a show on TWiT, we started doing a version called Current Geek Weekly, still with the same restriction. When I left CNET in 2010 we kept doing Current Geek Weekly and the original Current Geek for awhile. Eventually though the Weekly faded out, and the original was folded into The Morning Stream.  Finally, even that last version was replaced by Tom’s Tasty Tech Time.

The problem with Current Geek was that restriction. That problem is gone.

So I’m VERY happy to let you know that our new weekly show on Frogpants will be called Current Geek. Scott and I have yet to nail down the exact format, but our goal is cover all the things the Frogpants crowd cares about, including gadgets, tech, movies, comics, TV shows, books and more. Each week we’ll be joined by different folks from around the Frogpants network and beyond.

More details and launch dates to come as we try to figure out how to make it all work?

Like to help?

We could do a kickstarter to help get the show off the ground. There’s nothing wrong with that. We could have just taken donations. But Scott and David had a grand idea. What if people had a way to help fund the show but they got something out of it, and they didn’t have to wait 30 days in the bargain.

Presenting the Frogpants store Current Geek show pack You can get prints, posters or the Tech History wall calendar and help kick us until we get the show started. Which will be soon.

So go do that if you can. If not, we’re still making the show, so don’t fret. We got you.

2 Responses to “The Return of Current Geek!”

  1. David Aitken

    Excellent news, I listen to Tech News Today, TMS & Autopilot, to name but a few.
    I’m really stoked for Current Geek. Bring it on.

    Thank you both, Scott & Tom and the vast team in the Tadpool