Tekzilla: How to migrate a website

In the third segment of Tekzilla this week, I hang with my old buddy Veronica Belmont and talk about how to migrate a website.

3 Responses to “Tekzilla: How to migrate a website”

  1. Hey Tom,

    Good to see ya on Tekzilla! Migrating hosts can be quite simple as you’ve shown. But, one should also check that when migrating hosts they might run into problems with their database tables. I know having media temple the user is required to have a db starting with g325_yourname. Anyways, just another detail to look out for. I was also curious as to what host you have transfered to? I still don’t think there is a perfect host out there that provides 100% uptime, quality support, and quick pings. I noticed you used dreamhost as part of your demonstration on Tekzilla, were you transferring to or from them?

  2. Great advise. I migrated my website from wordpress to squarespace, however I missed an important step. I did the backup/copy from hosting to local on my desktop, thinking that would be enough. I did the export from wordpress, which should have gone nicely into squarespace, however I dragged my feet in migrating, and in the process of upgrading to Snow Leopard, lost that export file. While I didn’t have a lot of content, I did have some quality posts. From what I can tell, I’m screwed, but does anybody know, is there anyway I can get those posts from what I backed up locally from the server?