Tech News Today website is up!

Tech News TodaySo we have the Tech news Today website live at All the episodes and rss feeds will be collected there as they go live. We start doing the show regularly Tuesday June 1 at 5:30 PM eastern/2:30 PM pacific. My co-host will be Becky Worley Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Sarah Lane on Monday and Friday, with Dr. Kiki joining on Thursdays!

If you want clear objective analysis of the tech news of the day, it’s our intention to provide it. Hope you’ll join us!

16 Responses to “Tech News Today website is up!”

  1. So are you going to shave before Episode 01? Cuz seriously, that TWIT avatar of yours couldn’t have been cheap and it’s a little irresponsible of you to go and make it inaccurate before you’ve even really used it.

    If you want I could draw a beard on your picture and send it back. That’s basically how I got through grade school.

  2. ScubaRobb

    This is splendid. I’ve been curious about the format and topics. Going to be a great show. But I think you should take Brian up on his offer….maybe he could add an eye patch or scar?

  3. Carol

    I subscribed through ITunes but can’t get the video, only the audio. I tried both the large and small formats. Error message said that the format was not compataible with my IPod (classic). What’s going on?

  4. John Antkowiak

    When you mentioned the Space X contract to deliver supplies to the ISS and how corporations are becoming more involved and may become the driving force for space exploration I immediately thought of “The Man Who Sold The Moon” by Robert Heinlein.

  5. Darren Smith

    The itunes video podcast for TNT will not sync to my ipod, is the video in the correct format or what? I have no problems with any of the other video podcasts I get. Love the show, I so glad I can finally listen to a great show from ep1. Keep up the gret work Tom, Sarah and Becky as well as the many excellent guests. Will be tuning in from down under!!