Tech News Today 82: Black Market Internet

The three strikes law hits France, Czech out Windows Phone 7, Mozilla builds a phone.

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One Response to “Tech News Today 82: Black Market Internet”

  1. don jenkins

    Well your comment about lots of people in France will be using encryption.
    France though of that yeas ago by making encryption mostly illegal there.

    French Barriers to Encryption
    France is the only Western European country which does not allow a free use of encryption on its territory. In spite of the recent decrees (dated March 15 and March 25, 1998), obstacles still remain to achieving full implementation and free usage of encryption in France.

    The March 25, 1998 decree gives the limits to encryption based on the maximum key length of 40 bits. Encryption algorithms based on higher bitlength (such as 56 bits) are subject to a contract (declaration) with a Trusted Third Party (TTP). A Trusted Third Party is a security authority, or its agent, trusted by other entities with respect to security-related activities. In fact, a TTP may act as a Key Escrow Agency (KEA) whose key-escrow scheme has been approved. Users who escrow, i.e. deposit their keys with the KEA are able to freely use the cryptography scheme with these keys. On the other hand, the French KEA is required to hand over keys to law enforcement under certain conditions, such as suspicion of lawbreaking.