One Response to “Tech News Today 65: Piracy Is Theft!”

  1. About the piracy issue, How many of you have actually read the copyright law? If you read it you will notice that piracy isn’t theft. The closest you can get is tresspass. Copyright is about control, not sales. when it was written publishing houses would “buy” authors in order to keep from having to pay them. If i owned a author i could sell that author to another publishing house where his % of income would be less and the author would be stuck with it. To stop that the copyright law was written to keep the “creation” in the authors hands and not the publishers. I feel the same way about copyright as i do about corporate charters. They both should be enforced as originally written. Copyright would be 14 years with one 14 year extention and charters need to be put back into place (they were removed by corporations that didn’t want oversight, which they most certainly need).