Tech News Today 550: The Mountain Lion Wakes

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell

OS X Mountain Lion releases, Nintendo’s loss is good news, Apple’s gain is bad news, and more.

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Running time: 44:53

One Response to “Tech News Today 550: The Mountain Lion Wakes”

  1. Hi Tom! I sent you an email earlier, but it was to your address, so I may have been just throwing my words down a hole. My apologies if this a repeated plea, I just wanted to ensure it reached you:


    You probably don’t recall, but, a few years ago, we invoked you as a patron saint for our little fiction podcast, Flash Pulp – well, fast forward a bit, and we’re still at it, but we’ve gotten ourselves into a tussle with one of the slushers at Clarkesworld Magazine: It’s an Asim-off.

    Specifically, I was bragging about my sideburns being 50% Lemmy from Motorhead, and 50% Isaac Asimov, and it lead to a “who can be the most Asimov?” competition.

    Today happens to be the date of judging – it’s the anniversary of the day Asimov divorced his first wife, a Canadian, which seemed appropriate for our cross-border battle – and I was wondering if we could bother you to act as arbiter?

    Essentially it would entail looking at two photos, (which we’ll send along if you accept,) and then you’ll decide which of us is the most Asimov-ian. If you could record a short audio clip of your judging process, for our once-weekly chat show, that would be fantastic, but even a “The winner is…” email would be sufficient.

    If you accept we’ll be happy to extend the judging deadline till the weekend, as we realize you’re a ridiculously busy fellow.

    Whatever the case, thanks for everything, sir!