Tech News Today 511: Yes, There’s A Flashlight

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell

Google+ now Zagat Approved, Mary Meeker’s state of the Internet, is Intel’s free WiFi dangerous, and more.

Guest: John Falcone and Russ Pitts

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Running time: 44:26

One Response to “Tech News Today 511: Yes, There’s A Flashlight”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I had a comment regarding Doom3 and the flashlight.

    It is a common belief that there was something wrong with the flashlight level in Doom 3 and the mod somehow fixed it. The “fix” was actually a sign that (some) players were not in agreement with the designer’s intent on how the level should be experienced. The level was also Id Software’s attempt at showcasing the dynamically lighting in their engine.

    Some times in games, players cannot help to compare and contrast reality with a gameplay mechanic. In this case, the player could only hold the flashlight or the gun at any given time. It forced the player to frantically switch between the two. When you hold the gun you are completely in the dark, save a muzzle flash from your gun, or an occasional fireball lobbed at you by a demon. Many argued that they should be able to hold the gun while holding the flashlight.

    I believe the designer’s intent was to add a sense of dread that would make a player more prudent. Most FPS’ encourage players to push forward; you cannot do that if you cannot see what goes bump in the night. Although I agreed with the more vocal players, the level was still quite playable. It just went against our expectations for playing in this genre.

    Not being one of my favorite parts of the game, I prefer not change the intended design. For those who stick through it, I believe it was successful map. I felt a since of achievement when I completed the level. There was a since of accomplishment when I saw through the obstacles that were designed to keep me on my toes. I’m just glad that they did not see fit to revisit this play mechanic in other parts.

    Tom, I enjoy the show and listen every day. Please keep up the goods TNT crew!