Tech News Today 460: Sky Pirates In Flight

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell

Apple giving out cash, a hotspot with free data, OMGPOP unseats Zynga, and more.

Guests: Ken Denmead and Erica Ogg

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Running time: 51:27

One Response to “Tech News Today 460: Sky Pirates In Flight”

  1. Martin R

    Hey guys,
    I know Sarah mentioned on TNT on Monday, that Draw Something is the only such app, with the quality being as it is. 

    I believe that may be incorrect. I haven’t gotten he game because it does look a bit more childish. But it appears to be a copy of the game I’ve been playing, Charadium. Which is now at version 2.  And it has more modes, including live multiplayer play, one on one turns and others. Also has the point system, and different brushes etc. Only thing I can see, is DS has the letters available, showing what is part of the final answer. 

    So there ya go. I think better, but pergolas not quite the same features.