Tech News Today 41: Plants vs. Kanye

Zombie cookies, Facebook lets Kanye finish, Plants vs. Zombies announcement, and more.

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One Response to “Tech News Today 41: Plants vs. Kanye”

  1. Regarding magazines, Apple and App store, Time and S.I.

    They allow some magaiznine apps i.e. ZINIO. I’ve been using this app since it came out on the iphone and then the ipad. It is the same ideal of what you were talking about. You purchase magaizines directly from Zinio and don’t go through the app store at all. The app is just a reader any magaiznine that you purchase you can view.

    Right now they don’t have all content available for ipad or iphone but they are working on it.

    I think if time or SI did something similar they would apple would allow this.