Tech News Today 34: Take Off Your Pants, America

Verizon 4G details leak, smartphone makers fire back at Apple, Microsoft confirms zero-day shortcut vulnerability, and more.

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One Response to “Tech News Today 34: Take Off Your Pants, America”

  1. Dear Tom,

    Apple’s excuse on their poor phone design saying that all smart phones have the same signal attenuation problem was so lame and unconvincing. Then the showing of the many thousand dollars facility that they used to test the phone ( that obviously doesn’t work because if it worked they should have detected the problem before launching the phone ) was a pass of the hand to distract attention.

    But Apple trying to cover their mistakes saying that all manufacturers have this problem and showing videos of it, was the Apple statement that they are not any better than the other manufacturers, they are not special and they can sell defective products and still blame other people for their mistakes ( “your holding it wrong…” ).

    But you keep saying that this issue is overblown by the press, and the response of the manufacturers is overblown and probably you will say that this email is overblown also.

    Are you an Apple fan ?