Tech News Today 32: Sandwich Cowboy Tried To Warn Them

Droid X, iOS 4.0.1, who bid for Palm, Apple’s upcoming press conference, and more.

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2 Responses to “Tech News Today 32: Sandwich Cowboy Tried To Warn Them”

  1. Sussie Sutton

    Currently listening to TWIT – Tech News Today….and I have to say I HATE CLEAR CHANNEL AND HOW IT HAS TRASHED THE RADIO STATIONS.

    These people clearly have no more taste in music other than the last 100 hit songs ending in 1970 which they have play into the ground daily!

    Just like they use to trash the Expressways and HighwayS with multitudes of Bills boards,,,they are now doing it with radio stations.

    They have to buy stations because citizens have put a stop to the tidel wave of bills boards and have set up ordinances to make sure this crap doesn’t happen anymore.

    So now they are raping our radio waves….

  2. Regarding your jest about Reuben Caballero on O7/15

    Actually, if you’re curious about the origin of Rubén Caballero´s first and last name, I can enlighten you. As you might know, inheriting property and titles was not limited to notarized documentation. In the middle ages, it was also done through the surnames given to children. In fact, this was a common practice. For purposes of making inheritance and property transfers easier, a son would be named after the father´s title or vocation, be he a knight (caballero) or shoemaker/cobbler (Zapatero). So, there you go. Somewhere up his genealogy tree he probably had a great grandfather with the title of knight.
    Rubén, his first name, is equivalent to Reuben in English. While you may be right that his name conjures up images of Reuben sandwiches on rye bread, the name used to be more associated with Reuben, the son of Jacob in the bible. In fact, the two contested inventors of the sandwich are Jewish, one carrying Reuben as a first name and the other carrying it as a last name. So, in reality, when you think of Rubén, the whistleblower employee of apple, you should think of Knights in shining armor, Jewish history, and the bible. Lastly, nearly 30,000 people in Spain share the surname Caballero. You can check that estimate here: Add to that number the amount of Caballeros in Latin America, and you start to see that there are quite a few Caballeros around. So, now that you know that Caballero is a fairly common Spanish surname, please do not diss it on your show as you may even have a Señor Caballero listening in at that very moment.