Tech News Today 28: Ride The Fiery Manhole

YouTube goes 4K; Blizzard backtracks on real name requirement; Google compromises with China; Hotels pose largest risk to identity theft; Apple may stream 99-cent TV rentals; and more.

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2 Responses to “Tech News Today 28: Ride The Fiery Manhole”

  1. HateBadDesign

    AH, the title which half the chat room banned when they repeated it πŸ˜‰


    Its probably because of MediaFly, the aggregator, they did the twit cottage dance (pulled out all the plugs to move stuff around, then put it back in reverse). Or to put it another way, after some refitting they have been having some problems with feed updates, its not just twit but a whole host of casts which simply stopped updating some days ago.

    Word on their forums is: We are working on it!

    In other news, an Iphone 4 apparently caught fire when someone tried to charge it – eek. Good thing I’m still using carrier pigeon!