2 Responses to “Tech News Today 267: Google TV Gets Sage”

  1. Hope you read this. TWiT people are the hardest folks to contact. To me the Internet is about the conversation … and I’m not talking about the chat room. Anyway, I wanted to send you a story since you’ve set something up on digg for that but, after a half hour of searching all the TWiT sites I can find no information about how to do it.

    If you’d like people to submit/vote stories you might want to put the information about how to do that somewhere easier to find. Perhaps on this page: http://twit.tv/tnt or this page http://wiki.twit.tv/wiki/Tech_News_Today



  2. Rob, great idea to add the reddit link to the show descriptions. Just sent off a note to JammerB to see if we can do that from now on.

    I do feel the need to point out that twice a show I mention the email address [email protected] and every show I’ve been giving out the story submission link of technewstoday.reddit.com. So it certainly isn’t as if I’ve been hiding it!