Tech News Today 185: Cylon Children Make Demands

Guests: Dan Patterson and Jason Hiner

Cell Phone radiation, AT&T upload problems, Google disables Facebook contact sync, and more.

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Host: Tom Merritt

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One Response to “Tech News Today 185: Cylon Children Make Demands”

  1. pointless_hack

    Re “Cold Wars”

    Facebook currently affords users no backup capability for Contacts. Backups – good; me having control of my own data – good. Android teeny boppers inconvenienced – bad.

    Re HSUap for iPhones and NOT others.

    I think it reflects an intent of AT&T to charge by the bit. Canada’s Bell and Rogers tried this, with colossal fallout. It may be OK for Hitler ( but not for me. The HW may be expensive (Ars Technica from ’08 – but less so than many other investments. For perspective compare my 2GB/mo @ ~$25US, w/ buying a SATA 300 SSD, and getting Netfix to fill it with content and FedEx it to me. $12.50/GB v $2.20/GB!