Tech News Today 168: Egypt Flips Off Internet

Google fears Microsoft, Will 3D really harm your kids, ZTE (who?) passes Apple in phone shipments, and more.

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One Response to “Tech News Today 168: Egypt Flips Off Internet”

  1. It was interesting to hear Eric Schmidt saying that Microsoft is Google’s major threat. It shouldn’t be forgotten that while head of Novell he got to experience Microsoft’s gutting of NetWare as the dominant network program, so he has cause to fear Redmond. However, the Windows hook that helped MS win the corporate network isn’t there or doesn’t matter in either search or mobile devices. Bing has only minimally affected Google’s search dominance, and Windows Phone 7 hasn’t exactly derailed Android from its phenomenal growth. But let’s hope they all stay strong enough to keep each other honest and produce the innovation that ultimately benefits everyone.