Tech News Today 154: Now With Less Bezel

We wrap up CES talking about the best and the worst of what we saw at the biggest tech show on the planet, and more.

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2 Responses to “Tech News Today 154: Now With Less Bezel”

  1. I wasn’t wowed at all by CES. I listen to your podcast to round out my tech news. It is becoming increasing clear that you and your guests go out of their way to NOT mention or compare what they see to Apple products. I use both PC and Apple and I didn’t see anything that came close to the iPad. I love tech and I love gadgets but I pay attention to tech news I don’t want it censored. I don’t care if Apple is at CES it is impossible to say Apple doesn’t have a major impact on CES. Talk about it….give reasons why a product is BETTER than an Apple product just don’t ignore it.