Tech News Today 126: Microsoft Wants To Be Your Cable Company

Xbox 360 as your set top box, US seizes 83 websites, wikileaks causes a controversy, and more.

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One Response to “Tech News Today 126: Microsoft Wants To Be Your Cable Company”

  1. Tom… just listened to today’s episode of TnT and the twitter story re: Ashes and Cricket.

    It is simply amazing the number of people who just search for something on Twitter (or the web for that matter) and assume they’ve found what they’re looking for regardless of the content of that site or profile!

    Example: I do biz dev for Fliptop. We have a social media analytics platform that measures email, twitter, facebook and youtube.

    However Fliptop…. is also a hip hop (or rhyming) battle league in the Philippines. We use an automated chat box on our site… and we get SO MANY Filipino kids coming to our site looking for rhymes… it’s ridiculous!

    I always ask myself…. Really? You’re gonna go to a site like and think that it has anything to do w/ hip hop lyrics… or even music for that matter? Really?

    Kinda scared… if that’s the next gen on computers 🙂 !

    Great Show… keep up the great work !!