Tech History Today – July 2, 2013

In 1897 – 23-year-old Guglielmo Marconi received a patent in England for his wireless telegraphy which we now call radio. The Wireless Telegraph and Signal Co. Ltd. was formed a few weeks later.

In 1928 W3XK, owned by the Jenkins Television Corporation, went on the air becoming the first television broadcasting station in the US.

In 2001 – Bram Cohen first revealed BitTorrent on a Yahoo group called decentralization.

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One Response to “Tech History Today – July 2, 2013”

  1. That Baird Television website is a treasure! After reading the Jenkins article, I’ve killed pretty much a good part of the morning browsing it. What always strikes me in the history of radio and television is how large a role patent wars play in its development. Proving once again there’s nothing new under the sun but the history you don’t know yet.