So I’m moving to Los Angeles,… wait there’s a good reason!

This January I’ll be moving to Los Angeles. I’ll still host Tech News Today and Frame Rate. I’ll do them over Skype at least to start. I will also continue to host Sword and Laser. Audio is over Skype already and I’ll fly up to Petaluma to shoot Sword and Laser video once or twice a month. Which will give me a chance to be in studio for TNT!

Why would I do this? because my wife, Eileen Rivera, was offered an insanely awesome job at YouTube’s LA flagship studio. It’s a dream job for her. And thankfully, Leo Laporte at TWiT is supportive of my need to move and will allow me to continue to host from afar.

In fact, it will give TWiT a chance to make remote hosting better than it has been until now. We’re already talking about the best ways to set up our “LA Bureau”.

Eileen starts in November, but I won’t move until after the first of the year. Just in case the Mayans are right. No need to pay for the truck if there’s not going to be a planet in January you know.

Yes, this will affect the dynamic of TNT slightly, but I think we’re good enough to accommodate it. Frame Rate shouldn’t change at all.

So all in all, I’m looking forward to the move and hopefully most of you who follow my stuff will hardly notice.

Except for my deep deep tan.

And implants.

24 Responses to “So I’m moving to Los Angeles,… wait there’s a good reason!”

  1. Joe Koonce


    Please send my congrats to Eileen. I’m glad to hear you are still going to be doing TNT and Framerate. I cant think of either of those shows without you being a part of it. The thought that TWIT would have a LA Bureau is so exciting. If any intern jobs become available, I would be very interested in applying.

  2. Rick Helms

    Congratulations to Eileen!! What a coup! Her talent and experience has served her well. When it’s appropriate, let us know where and what she is doing so that we can follow her. It’s heartening to know that the “dynamic duo” is doing so well. I am also extremely glad that you will still be involved with TWIT. I followed you there and think that it is an amazing organization. Only question: what happens to “All About Android”…?

  3. DavidinNC

    I listened to All About Android this past week and heard Eileen say she was leaving for L.A. My first thought was “What happens to Tom??!!” I love FrameRate and I’m a big fan of yours. Hope the move goes well.

  4. Congrats to Eileen. I think it says a lot about how we work that you can move ZIP codes and retain your job because the move only means you won’t be coming into the office. I work for a global IT consulting company and remote working and meetings are a huge part of how we work. Best of luck on your physical move! Love watching TNT.

  5. Congrats on the career move for your better half, but the TNT episodes with Skype-in guests have been my least favorite. Hopefully Jason and TWIT can upgrade the remote hosting experience to a more workable format.

  6. Glad to hear Eileen scored such a big win, that you totally support her, and that TWIT totally supports you too. Looking forward to many more years of TNT and Frame Rate.

    Will this mean more and different types of work for you too, now that you’ll be within spitting distance of hollyweird?

  7. Fair enough, but with most of the hosts and guest now connecting via Skype, it makes me wonder why Leo spent a million on a new studio if no one is ever actually in it? Maybe he should have just stayed in the cottage or should have gone smaller since a big studio isn’t needed if most of the hosts and guests are increasingly calling in remotely.

    Congrats to you both on the new opportunity.

  8. SoCalJess

    Congrats to you and Eileen on your new adventure in SoCal! I’m sure Eileen’s doing a rocking job in You Tube. Hope you both will settle in nicely here and enjoy venturing in and around SoCal. Hopefully one day soon, we can all meet up and venture through the vast and history-rich region that is LA!

    PS Hope East Meets West will continue…maybe now with a SoCal/NoCal twist!

  9. Being a mostly audio podcast listener, I agree with everyone complaining about the audio quality on Skype. That has a lot less to do with Skype, and more to do with the quality of the acoustics in the room they are using. Are you planning on setting up your apartment/house with an acoustically sound room, or are you looking at renting a studio in LA?

  10. YOu can actually see me building the new studio at I shot a video of the first stuff going up yesterday. I have a Heil PR40 which really makes a lot of the difference when it comes to the audio.

  11. Tom, glad to have you in LA. I watched TNT today and thought your prelim-studio was perfectly fine and any technical inadequacies were overshadowed by your professionalism as is usually the case. I think it is great that you supported Eileen’s advancement by uprooting yourself and figuring out how to make it all work from SoCal. I live in the area and would love to offer you any assistance in setting up your studio and get you back in “prime form” as my background is in Film & Television and IT. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  12. Dave Weldon

    Watching ep673 of TNT shows some limitations of the new system, the digital Tom (iTom) if you like, mainly as the resolution of Iyaz and Sarsh is up there and iTom at a lower resolution, plus, as I said in an email to Twit there is a “Max Headroom” effect with apparent dropped frames. Sarah and Iyaz looking like they’re in a 3D environment but iTom looks like he is in a 2D space. Just observations, glad that you’re still doing the show Tom.