PIDASW Ep. 06 – Return of the Jedi

RYANsWebPIDASWLuke and Anakin finally get some family time together but Palpatine messes it up. We meet the mini-bears who help out the Rebels. And SPAAACE BATTLES! Tom Merritt’s attempt to forget everything he knows about the Star Wars universe and embrace the story in episodic order.

Big thanks to Ryan for the graphic.


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5 Responses to “PIDASW Ep. 06 – Return of the Jedi”

  1. John in Manchester

    Thanks for doing this Tom. It’s been a great warm-up to Force Awakens.
    I’m curious to know, as the “dumb about Star Wars” guy, which do you think was the best film in the series? And if you stop pretending, is the answer the same?

  2. Thanks for the series Tom, I’m enjoying it.
    A couple of things I noticed while you were being “dumb” about the movies.
    1. Yoda seems to be teaching the very young padawans in “Revenge of the Sith” so perhaps he was Obi Wan’s first teacher before Qi-Gong took over.
    2. Perhaps the mother that Leia remembers was Bail Organa’s wife. I must have imagined it but I think that it was mentioned that he was married but they were childless. Maybe this is such a regular fairytale trope that I just took it as read as an explanation.

  3. Maybe for point 1. But I don’t usually refer to one of my high school teachers as “the teacher who trained me” so being dumb it struck me as odd to show me Lenovo taught be Kwigon and yet have him refer to Yoda.

    On point two though I’m not sure I can follow even that far. Luke asks “Do you remember your mother? Your real mother?” He basically makes a point of ruling out Her adopted mother.

  4. This was great, Tom! I think ‘mini bears’ is one of my favourite bits of your series. 🙂

    Your excitement about the episode as you described it made me even more excited for the movie! And for a re-watch of the originals.