PIDASW Ep. 04 – A New Hope

RYANsWebPIDASWWe jump ahead a few years again and meet Anakin’s kids. Plus Anakin Vader himself has stayed evil and it all ends with an amazing battle scene with a win for Anakin’s son, a merc, and a wooky. Tom Merritt’s attempt to forget everything he knows about the Star Wars universe and embrace the story in episodic order.

Big thanks to Ryan for the graphic.


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2 Responses to “PIDASW Ep. 04 – A New Hope”

  1. I have loved every episode of this show, but this one takes the cake. I have seen this movie dozens of times, but I literally had goosebumps during the description of the death star trench run. Well done, sir. Well done.

  2. John in Manchester

    So after 3 lacklustre films (frankly I don’t know how the franchise lasted this long) they’ve finally turned things around and made a good film.
    Personally, I think the pacing of this film is spot on – I like that we have time to meet the characters and digest what we’ve learned.
    Going forward, I hope the hit rate is better than 1 in 4.