PIDASW Ep. 03 – Revenge of the Sith

RYANsWebPIDASWIn this third episode, Yoda does stuff with hairy tarzan creatures, and Anakin makes an abrupt decision. PLUS there’s a killer TWIST that makes episode 2 make a bit more sense.It’s Tom Merritt’s attempt to forget everything he knows about the Star Wars universe and embrace the story in episodic order.

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4 Responses to “PIDASW Ep. 03 – Revenge of the Sith”

  1. John in Manchester

    Well done Tom. You’ve achieved something I never could – rewatching episodes 1 to 3. If you had truly come to Star Wars with no prior knowledge, do you think you would have made it this far?
    I think the truth is, three episodes would never have been commissioned.
    On the bright side, things are about to get a whole lot better.

  2. Luke in Adelaide

    Great stuff Tom i have really enjoyed these videos!

    I have had, like most Star Wars fans, have had an ongoing discussion about the right way to watch the series with my friends. I tired the machete order with my wife who had only seen 4,5,6 and it confused her a lot. And hearing you describe how nonsensical the plot of 1,2,3 are maybe that was the reason.
    However I never realised they didn’t even name the lightsabers in episode 1 or even explain the Force! Listening to you it sounds like there are many small things that just presume prior knowledge of the series. It will be interesting to see how it looks after 7 is released and wonder if the prequels will just be relegated to ‘super fans only’

  3. I’ve been watching along with you, Tom, a few days behind. Like I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t seen episodes 1-3 since they were in theaters, but I’m not watching as if I haven’t seen episodes 4-6. That said, I pretty much had all the same reactions as you: why is this robot coughing? Pretty abrupt change of heart for Anakin. Palpatine replaces the republic with an empire, everyone cheers, and that’s it? Pretty easy.

    The other thing that bugged me a little is when Sam Jackson tells Anakin that if what he says about the chancellor is true, he will have regained his trust. His trust? Isn’t there a council involved? Also what’s up with waiting in the council chamber? It turns out it was empty, so why not have him wait in his apartment or any place he wanted, as long as he didn’t go after Palpatine.

    Also, I recognized Organa from earlier episodes, where he was in the background with only very small lines. But I know the actor from L.A. Law, which is why I could recognize him. I didn’t know his name until this episode. He’s a Senator? How does that make Leia a princess? And why is it important for Luke to be with his family, but not Leia?

    An entertaining podcast episode. I’m surprised how much my impressions aligned with yours, considering I’m not doing the PID part.