PAB 2010 – What if my boss finds out?

I'll be at Podcasters Across Borders 2010 in OttawaI’m headed to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for the Podcasters Across Borders conference this weekend to speak on a panel about podcasting in your off time, and hopefully drink whiskey with Canadians.

The conference is happening at the National Arts Centre. My panel is on Saturday June 19 at 11 AM. I’ll be on with Dave Brodbeck (AKA Dave the psychologist) Ken Hernden and Scarborough Dude.

If you’re in Ottawa and can register for the conference come on by. And who knows, we may have an impromptu meetup or something too. Check Twitter for details.

5 Responses to “PAB 2010 – What if my boss finds out?”

  1. I’ve got four bottle of bourbons in my room at the Lord Elgin with a couple more to buy tomorrow. Anyone in the brown liquor brigade at PAB2010 is welcome to come by anytime… may need to buy some more tumblers though.

    BTW, if you need mix, you’re uninvited.

  2. Can’t make it to the PAB conference. 🙁
    Maybe I’ll just wander around downtown Ottawa in hopes of stumbling across you. Although, frankly…if you’re here drinking whiskey with Canadians maybe you’ll be the one stumbling around… 😉