New Show! Tom’s Top 5 – Most Wanted Gadgets

Tom's Top 5 logoJust launched a new show today on Revision 3 called Tom’s Top 5. For the first episode we partnered up with to count down the top 5 most wanted gadgets.

Take a look!

14 Responses to “New Show! Tom’s Top 5 – Most Wanted Gadgets”

  1. I hate to say this Tom, but aren’t you edging a little close to things you did back at CNET? TNT is a derivative form of BOL, Tom’s Top 5 is a derivative of the CNET Top 5, it’s just a little troubling. Still good, but felt it needed noted.

  2. True enough. I’m sure both will evolve their own ways, TNT does have it’s own character compared to BOLl, and I’m sure the new Top 5 will find that, plus the original change a little with Brian Cooley. I say this light heartedly, but I suppose I’m waiting for a new Real Deal now.

    Truly mean the best, loving TNT.

  3. Ha ha. Real Deal is one I have no intention of replicating.

    And I am coming up with new ideas, like Frame Rate with Brian Brushwood that I’m trying out on TWiT on Tuesdays at 4 Pacific.

    Problem for me for awhile was doing too many shows!

  4. well after years of watching/listening to my 4 favorite networks and their accredited shows.

    molly’s been on twit
    veronicas on rev 3 and frog pants was bol and has been on twit
    shwoods been on twit and emw
    scott johnsons been on emw and BOL
    patricks is now on twit and has done forcast
    leos done bol and fourcast

    but i believe you are the first to have had a show on all 4(5) networks

    not to mention subrilliant media

    you really get around :).

    . CONGRATS !

  5. Hi Tom,

    Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of your work and think you do some great work and will continue to enjoy that work. But much like Chris I feel that the new work is a little to much like the old work.

    Now I know you created TOP 5 on CNET and your one of the main reasons BOL ever took place. But another TOP 5 with another lame prize for trivia and you post to an online forum to win. That is not derivative it is a photo copy with new graphics in a new location.

    Why not make it a top ten or top 6 … Find a different way to give a prize… Maybe not have a prize… I just don’t enjoy a show that is another format giving me something that I feel I already have seen before in another location.

    I do find TNT to be sometimes a little more technical then BOL was and you get into the nuts and bolts sometimes a little more then BOL. And that is a really good thing because that is different… But days when I find that the stories on BOL are 89% the same as TNT and both shows don’t get into the real meat of an issue… Well I just feel like I am watching the same show twice…

    Again please don’t take this as a slam because I really enjoy your work. And if I didn’t care I wouldn’t write this and just not watch. I want to enjoy your new work but I just want it to feel like it is filling a different slot then is already being filled by other existing shows.

    All the best,


  6. I definitely hear you Joe. And I intend to make Tom’s Top 5 different topically in many respects. But it is a bit like Letterman doing his Top 10 lists on CBS.

  7. Cool show, I’ll definitely add to iTunes. I listened to BOL religeously for years till the V in TMV left and I really couldn’t stand Nat, so i haven’t been up on things.

    Watching Rev3, TWIT network and C|Net (long live the pipe!), not to mention TechTV shows for so long, i know you all will work together again in different combinations so congrats on mixing things up again.

    As for ideas for shows:

    Top n:
    – bluetooth headphones; a lot out there and knowing nothing, i bought some LG ones that were aweful
    – link sites ( we all know digg, reddit and delicious, what others? metafilter still around?)
    – video converting tools (i use PQDVD and have been told about handbrake. VLC can extract video. with MKV being the new codec of choice out there, what can we use?)
    – wifi routes/APs.. so many out there i can’t keep track; seems N is the standard (why did A never take off?).. are the cheapies any good?
    – Netbooks/UMPCs
    – a fun one: defunct standards (maybe 8-track, mini-disc, HD-DVD, and a nod to CircuitCity (RIP) DiVX)
    – command line tools; now that google put one out; what else is there

  8. rick33

    my initial thought was similar to prev posts, but then i thought… much like w/coco, im with tom! im following you buddy. haha. anyway, i dig your letterman comparison. it really put the right perspective on it. this is what you do! bring what you do to twit, rev3, &wherever theyll have you. congrats. oh &cant wait for to check out the framerate test.

  9. Adrian

    hey Tom, I’m a big fan of yours and I love the work you’ve been doing since you’ve left CNET (not that what you did at CNET wasn’t geat)

    but…about the beard…it was okay while it was just a little stubble, but now it’s starting to freak me out!

  10. FMGomez

    Hey Tom ,

    BOL isnt the same show with out you but Im really happy you brought top 5 back. I was kind of missing it ….Keep up the great work !!!

  11. Jim Brooker

    A show with Brian Brushwood is a great idea. Brian is crazy sometimes, good crazy, but the guy is really smart and can discuss any subject with ease. Look forward to that podcast.

  12. Hi Tom,

    Just want to say I love the new shows, both TNT and the Top 5 are great. Disagreeing a little with what Joe said above, I think this is what you’re great at and please keep doing it. There’s no need to change a thing.

    BOL really misses your balance and Devil’s Advocacy. Love the indepth analysis and commentary you provide on TNT. TNT has become my default podcast for my commute…. Keep up the great work.