Just finished my 2nd Novel: United Moon Colonies

I just uploaded the final draft of my second novel, United Moon Colonies. Much better shape than the draft version was.

Here’s the blurb: Richard Chong just led the United Moon Colonies to victory over the Fundamentalist Union, or Fundys, saving Earth from a totalitarian madman. Now as the Moon finally gains respect on it’s parent planet, a new madman wants to kill Chong. But it’s not all about the President. They have an even more insidious plot to rule both worlds and bring the Fundys back for good.

Buy print copy at Lulu. or get free PDF on Archive.org.

2 Responses to “Just finished my 2nd Novel: United Moon Colonies”

  1. Hi Tom.
    When I read this on the feed, it sounds like you just finished READING your 2nd novel. Sounded a little weird. It took me a second for it to click. Oh! Tom wrote the book.
    When you read furthur, you pick it up. No biggie.
    talk to you soon